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First of all, let me welcome you to my tribute to DeGarmo & Key and all the existing and future DeGarmo & Key fans out there.
I was born in 1990. I grew up listening to a tape copy of "Communication" that my dad had copied from a friend back in the 80's. When I was about 10 or so, I found a tape of the "D&K" (gift edition) album at a local flea marker in my town. I recognized the name DeGarmo & Key, but had never heard any of their other albums. Needless to say when I got home and played it, the sound was much harder than Communication. It took me a few times listening to it before I really got into the sound. It was that tape that got me really interested in DeGarmo & Key and all CCM. I searched and searched the internet to find out who these guys were and if they were still around. I eventually found a discography, but it took me forever. Since then, D&K has been my favorite band, not just for their music, but their bold lyrics, and their ministry.
The reason I created this website is because I was dissapointed at the other so called "DeGarmo & Key Hompage(s)" which had nothing except a short biography and maybe a semi-right discography. I don't know whether or not Eddie DeGarmo and/or Dana Key has ever thought of making an official band website, because I have never talked to either of them. I really think they should, but for now I am trying to make this the BEST D&K website out there with as much as I can put on here. I want to give other fans what they have been looking for!
*If you have any suggestions of what I could put on the website or any information you would like to contribute...or maybe you have some stories you would like to share with everyone. Just shoot me an e-mail and put "D&K suggestion," "D&K story," or something similar in the subject.
Thanks for visiting the #1 DeGarmo & Key website.
And remember this: "DeGarmo & Key rock, but Jesus saves!"


Thank You for visiting the #1 DeGarmo & Key Fan Site. Please come back soon and check for updates.